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President : CHOI, Won-Byung / International Co-operative Agricultural Organisation (ICAO) / 16, Saemunan-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul 100-707, Korea / Tel : + 82 2 2080 6120 / Fax : + 82 2 2080 6130 / E-mail : president@agricoop.org

Born in the Jeonnam Province of Korea, Dr. Byeongwon Kim has devoted his entire life to agriculture and co-operative movements through agricultural co-operatives by birth and by profession. He truly believes that the co-operative business models bring opportunities for better life to the socially and economically weak. In adherence to his belief, he wants to share the experience and resources of the NACF to reproduce the success of Korean agriculture and co-operative system in the region. Also he is eager to work together with co-operators in the region with co-operative value and principles to reduce poverty, enhance living conditions and develop the rural communities. Dr. Kim currently serves as Chairman of NACF and is the recipient of the Steel Medal for Industry Development.