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subject NACF Korea Conducts ODA Program
Author ICAO Secretariat
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Date 2018-11-01
Contents On 16 October, at its head office in Seoul, the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (NACF) held a welcoming ceremony for participants in the workshop 'Capacity Building for the Operation of Sustainable Financial Cooperatives'. Taking place for two weeks until 27 October, the workshop was attended by 14 high-ranking government officials and members of co-operatives from 7 countries Cameroon, India, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Palestine, Uganda and Vietnam.

The workshop consisted of lectures and on-site field trips. The participants were able to learn about success story of the NACF and presented country reports to share highlights in the agricultural sector of their countries.

General Manager of the Global Cooperation Office, Mr. Yong Khang said: "The NACF has been supporting the development of Korean agriculture since the 1960s by engaging in a variety of activities -- from eliminating usury in rural areas to distributing agricultural products. Today, through its Financial Group, the Federation is making profits and is using them to provide financial support to rural communities" He added: "By sharing our experience, we want to be able to help the participants enhance the management capability of cooperatives in their own countries.

Additional workshops will be hosted for working-level officials in 2019 and high-ranking officials in 2020. Through these opportunities, the NACF hopes to provide participants with skills and knowledge they need to draft policies that can foster the growth of financial cooperatives in their countries.

Source: Korea Agricultural News (http://www.newsfarm.co.kr)

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