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subject NACF, Korea Conducts Internship Program
Author ICAO Secretariat
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Date 2019-01-23
Contents NACF, Korea Conducts Internship Program for Developing Country Government officials

Starting Jan 16th, the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (NACF), Korea conducted an internship program for Government officials from developing countries that are currently taking the Master셲 Degree Official Development Assistance (ODA) program run by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). A total of 14 students from 11 countries were selected to attend this program that ran from a minimum of three to eight days.

During the internship, attendees were able to gain information on how NACF was able to overcome poverty within half a decade and grow into one of the world셲 largest agricultural cooperatives. They also had the opportunity to visit agricultural sites and subsidiaries of the NACF, that boast top level agricultural and livestock distribution facilities, and also learn about the Federation셲 financial support system through lectures and on-site experience.

Since last year, the NACF has been operating various ODA projects in collaboration with KOICA including training sessions, field visits and internships. Through these experiences, NACF has been able to create networks with the agricultural sectors of other countries and start discussions on new businesses that can help the Korean agricultural sector enter new global markets and enable them to cooperate with developing countries.

During the opening ceremony of the internship program held in the morning of 16 th, Mr. LEE Jae-Sik, Executive Vice President of the NH Future Management Research Institute expressed high hopes towards the program and encouraged participants to take back as much as they can as 쐔he NACF is an example like no other as it is a multifunctional organization that provides overall services to its members from distribution of agri/livestock goods, support and consultation, to financial services and more.

After the opening ceremony, as part of the common course, all participants had a chance to visit NACF subsidiaries that engage in the agribusiness sector, including the Hanaro retail store, NH Future Agriculture Support Center, Ansung Agriculture Product Distribution Center, Central Material Distribution Center and Grain/Rice Distribution Center. Through visiting agricultural sites, attendees were able to experience first-hand the work of NACF and what they do to benefit its farmers and promote the agricultural sector.

On the 18th, members visited the NH Investment & Securities office and were introduced to the financial businesses of the NACF. The common course program ended after a brief introduction from NH Investment & Securities and NH Capital and the pre-selected 4 students had the opportunity to continue their internship at NH Capital starting from the week after for a full week.

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